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How many people in this world look in the mirror every morning and feel inadequate and just, ugly? Yes, I am one of those people! What do you think about me? What do you see isn't the same with I had been through. Me, just me, and myself. A person who biologically borned male and it's a fact which it would never change. But, sometimes, I just love playing around with girls' stuff. Put some make up on my beautiful face or walking around with those extremely high heels. The fact that I am a man, well, I accept that, actually, I am living as a man with a woman's intelligent brain. How's that? Exciting right? The fact that I am a beauty with brain, I am not a transgender. Whatever you might have in your mind or you happened to utter, calling names, it just does not make me any more masculine or less feminine because, I am a woman by choice and a man by fate... if you can accept that, I can force you, it's your choice. A fat bitch struggling to be a skinny bitch.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Sah ! memang penantian satu penyeksaan . gitewww kan chuolsss..
hah dah kenapa tertunggu tunggukan, bukan apa kelmarin scha ade la emailkan resume scha kat zery zamry. sapa zery zamry?? ala one of malaysian fashion designer la chuolsss! sebab kat insta dia nak mencari pekerja so scha saja nak mencuba nasib. mana tahu rezeki i'olsss. so position yang dimohon sebagai beader. tapi dia offer 3 position seamstress, cutter dan beader... tapi scha boleh je kot untuk tiga tiga position tu tapi minat beader lagi... ape ape pon scha masih menunggu jawapan. heharap cecepat la diorang reply email !

p/s: doakan untuk scha tau 

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  1. shamiiilll !!! good luck . heheheeh

    btw , template blog kita samaaaaa !!! ^_^